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Web Design | Communications | Social Media Marketing

Creating content and context that builds awareness and attention.

Creating content and context that builds awareness and attention.

Hi there! I’m Jamie.

I’m a digital media and communications professional specializing in web design, online branding, and social media marketing.

With an extensive background in communications, public relations and business marketing, my focus lies in digital media, creating online personal and professional brands.

I also curate content on a variety of subjects, including tech, social media and online marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Over 20 years working in strategic messaging, media relations management, and corporate and nonprofit branding


Clean and functional web design, social media and online content development that attracts attention and improves awareness.



Public relations, project supervision and execution, creative design, and crisis management.

My latest web design and social media marketing projects

“This is more than just a website launch; it’s really the relaunch of the Mission Research brand as a whole,”
  – Mission Research President Dr. Heather Scott-Marshall.

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Phone: (343) 261-7261

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